Wireless speakers. What are they and why should I care? I remember reading ads from all the big box stores. They would mention, wireless speakers and all I could say to myself when I was reading the ad was, 'huh?'

So, what is a wireless speaker? Or sound system for that matter? It's a speaker. A powered speaker that doesn't require audio cable. It's a speaker that operates using blue-tooth technology. You smart phone has it. Most likely, your car has it too. Bluetooth technology allows your phone to talk to your car stereo, or in this case a speaker without a wire. Thus the word wireless.

For our station, we have a Bose wireless speaker. I can click on Radio Pup and pull up my radio station anywhere in the world and listen to crystal clear music. Anywhere! If I want to listen to the music on my Samsung Galaxy S4 that I use courtesy of Sprint Sioux Falls, same thing. Boom. Wireless. And you can turn it up and down from the phone.

Other companies also make wireless speakers. Some, that will mute and you can actually use as a speaker phone.

Technology is changing right before our eyes, and ears every day.

If you have a family member or friend that has a birthday coming up and you were wondering what to buy them, there are several wireless speakers for you to investigate. Bose and JBL are just a few.

Oh, and you know all those cords that you have hanging out of the back of your stereo system and television. Yep, with wireless technology you can cut the cord there too.

Wireless. When you figure it out, you see just how simple and awesome it is.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)