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The month of July can be murder on your cell phone!

According to, more people lose or damage their phone during the month of July than any other time of the year, with June and August coming in a close second and third.

Hopefully your phone made it through the 4th of July holiday in one piece and hasn't been stolen, cracked, broken or worse yet, laying at the bottom of some pool or lake.

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July 4th is one of the hardest days of the year on cell phones. Claims for lost and damaged phones go up by 50% right after the 4th of July holiday.

The biggest threat to your phone during the summer months is water damage. That's because nearly 72% of people use their smart phones to listen to music while kickin' it at the pool or the beach.

And with more and more people using their phones to take pictures these days, a number of cell phones are lost each year while people are vacationing. That stands to reason with so many people using their phones to connect with family and friends as they update the various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with all those summer vacation photos.

Nothing like losing a $500 smart phone to put a damper on a perfect summer vacation!

So be extra careful to keep your phone safe this summer. Don't forget to use password protection and back up your phone to secure your pictures and contact info!