As we suffer through yet another windy, bitterly cold winter's day here in the Sioux Empire, you can take comfort in this fact; you're half as likely to die in a car crash in a blizzard as in nice weather.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there are between 350 and 390 deaths for every 100,000 crashes in snow, sleet and ice. Compared to 720 deaths for every 100,000 crashes in sunny weather.

The main reason, most people, and let me emphasize "most people" actually slow down and drive more carefully. Granted, there are always still a few morons out there that feel the need to drive 75 miles an hour in those types of conditions. Those are usually the same people you pass somewhere down the road that has eventually slid off into the ditch!

I know these statistics could have fooled me, and I'm pretty sure the majority of the other drivers that were out during Sunday's icy, snowy ground blizzard conditions in and around the Sioux Empire.

As hard as the wind was blowing yesterday, it was bad enough here in Sioux Falls, let alone out in the country. As proven when they finally ended up closing Interstate 29 from Sioux Falls to the Canadian border and a large stretch of I-90 from Sioux Falls heading east into Minnesota.

A number of accidents were reported and numerous cars ended up in the ditch.

I'm sure the "white knuckle shuffle" was quite popular with most everyone out traveling. If you were one of those folks, hopefully you, your family and your vehicle all arrived home safely with no major boo-boo's.

My advice, you better buckle and bundle up, because spring is still a long ways off and you know Mother Nature still has a few surprises left up her sleeve before warmer weather arrives.

Stay warm and safe!