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We’ve been under the assumption all these years that our children are horrified when we follow them on social media sites right?

Well, maybe that’s not necessarily true.

There’s a new study out now that says teenagers actually like it! That’s right I said it, they actually like it when you’re friends with them on Facebook.

The study of 500 families out of Brigham Young University in Utah found that kids actually want you to bond with them of Facebook.

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It showed that teenagers who are friends with their parents on social media sites feel closer and more connected to their parents in real life. Teenagers who are happily Facebook friends with their parents are typically kinder, more generous, more helpful, less aggressive and less prone to depression than other kids.

The researchers say social media offers parents a new avenue to show affection to their kids. Quote, “You might show support by liking [your kid’s photo] or making a nice comment. It gives more opportunities to give positive feedback.”

But parents beware. The research did find that you can overdo it on social media, and that’s when your children transform into Linda Blair from the Exorcist and turn on you. Quote, “You don’t want to be the parent who posts embarrassing pictures all the time.”

That is of course unless you're fond of having someone spit split pea soup in your face?