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Items in your car are doing a disappearing act right before your very eyes.

As cars are becoming more technically advanced, with rear view cameras and full-on computer systems in their dashboards, many of the features that have been mainstays in vehicles for years are being tossed in the automobile history museum.

According to "Fortune" magazine, these are the top 5 five things that are disappearing from newer cars being developed these days.

  • 1

    Crank Windows.

    Unless you're buying the cheapest car on the lot, you're pretty much guaranteed getting automatic windows in new cars now.

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    Manual transmissions.

    Ok, they'll never go away completely. But the price difference isn't as great as it once was, so more and more people are buying cars with automatic transmissions.

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  • 3

    Long antennas.

    They've been replaced by shorter, more compact antennas that also handle GPS and telephone signals.

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  • 4

    Emergency brakes.

    I haven't personally witnessed this one yet myself, but I'm told many new vehicles are coming out with a feature called "hill hold." This feature automatically sets a brake when you're stopped on a hill, and then releases it when you touch the gas pedal again. Kinda cool.

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    Thanks to keyless entry and the "start" button taking over the automobile market.

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