It happens but once a year.  No. Twice.  The dreaded cleaning out of the closet.  Prompted by my wife, I used some time off after Christmas to go through my closet and clean out some things that don't fit well anymore and things that I just don't wear.

I remember an old rule of thumb: If you haven't worn it in six months or more, you probably won't ever again.  It's just taking space.

Does it go into the garbage?  Absolutely not.  I donate them.  I bring them to the Y's Buys store!  According to them, "This store is a unique twist on the “pay it forward” philosophy. People donate their gently used clothing and household items, and in turn, provide a benefit to other families who purchase these items at very reasonable prices."

It's a great concept and it works well for them and for my family too.  We get to bring quality stuff that we just don't use anymore to a place where folks will be looking for these items.  I don't feel wasteful and I feel like we're helping out in a small way.

My closet is now clean and organized and I can find my stuff I want to wear.  Of course in June or July, some of the old winter stuff will have to be weeded out. It makes me weary just thinking about it.