Sioux Falls is a special place. There is really no place else in the world quite like it. It is a unique spot of shining joy on the edge of the plains. But, if someone is planning to move here there are a few things to know.

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    You'll Have to Get a Bike

    There's no way to avoid it. I know that the state of modern gaming delivers an amazing experience, but a couch-based experience cannot compete with Sioux Falls' exquisite bike-trail system. Over 25 miles of paved trails that loop around the city, mostly along the beautiful river greenway.

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    Too Many Public Parks

    Sioux Falls has over 80 public parks. So, no matter where you plant roots in the city you'll be close to one. From the big Arrowhead Park to wonderful neighborhood parks like Pasley Park there is variety and fun available to all. Don't forget the  Japanese Gardens at Terrace Park, Veteran's Memorial Park, and the stately McKennan Park.

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    Too Much Great Food To Try

    If you like bland and boring food Sioux Falls Sioux Falls may not be for you. You'll have to choose from dining outside at a classy bistro downtown, or some of the best Mexican food ever, or exploring Vietnamese, Indian cuisine. You are never far from great Chinese food either. Plus our plethora of pizza places. And we cant forget all the great buffets, home-cooking, diners and hidden gems in town.

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    Our Local Sports Teams Aren't in the Major Leages

    Yep if you want major league famous team names, you'll be out of luck. All Sioux Falls has to offer is year-round championship caliber teams that can dominate on the field, hardwood, ice, and diamond. I mean the Storm only multiple-time football league champs. The Clark Cup winning hockey team the Stampede, the NBA D-League champs the Skyforce and the hard fighting baseball Canaries all provide great family fun.

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    Downtown is too Much Fun

    Downtown Sioux Falls is not a dying retail wasteland. So unless you want live music, great free events like Moonlight Movies, a vibrant nightlife, and one-of-a-kind local shops, steer clear of downtown Sioux Falls.

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    You Can't Take the Majesty of the Falls

    The centerpiece of Falls Park in Sioux Falls is the falls on the Big Sioux River. It is one of my favorite place that I've ever been to in the whole world. The grand park surrounding the park is the perfect place to bask in the glory of our natural world. From the top of the observation tower to the edge of the water feeling the spray on your face; The Falls could be too much for you if you don't like awesome places.

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    The Commute is Too Short

    If you really like spending an hour in your car before and after work, getting where you need to go to Sioux Falls doesn't take enough time. With the convenience of I-229 and I-29 almost anyplace in town is 20 minutes or less away.

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    First Class Art and Culture are Everywhere

    Sculptures, paintings, live theater, art-house cinema, live music across genres, art installations, science exhibits, and live comedy. And you can find all that at the Washington Pavilion. Let alone all the art and culture you'll find at our coffee shops, bars, clubs, and just in the streets.

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    All the Genuinely Nice People

    If you want to be surrounded by apathetic people, then Sioux Falls isn't for you. Here neighbors neighborly neighbors, helpful strangers and saying 'hi' to people you pass on the street are just ways of life.

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    Living Big in a Small City

    Finally, if you're looking for a place that has all the things you can find in places like Minneapolis or Omaha, but not the cost of living in Minneapolis or Omaha, then stay away. Jobs, great summer weather, things to do and great neighborhoods cheaper. Plus when you live here you're only minutes away from the country. Hunting, fishing and other wilderness fun are only short road-trip away.

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