It's the 5th of July so that means lots of firework accident reports.  No matter how much everyone says 'Be Safe This 4th of July' we unfortunately hear of folks being seriously injured in fireworks accidents.

Here is a sample of some of the 2017 4th of July Fireworks Accident Headlines:

Fargo Man Severely Injured Picking Up Firework and Lighting It

Police were called to the No Bull bar in downtown Fargo, North Dakota for a man that was seriously injured when he 'found a firework in the parking lot located to the west of the restaurant, picked it up and lit it.'

Man Uses Fireworks to Destroy Bees Nest, Burns Down Garage

In Flint, Michigan a man decided to get rid of a pesky bee nest in his garage with a smoke bomb.  Fire crews responded.  Garage burned down.

Man Hospitalized After Mixing Fireworks With Alcohol

A Warren, Michigan man was hospitalized after mixing fireworks with Alcohol.  Glass and other debris lodged in his arm, neck, and body.

Sioux City Man Loses Hand In Fireworks Accident

A man in Leeds was shooting off fireworks when he tragically lost his hand in an explosion.

Man Killed When Firework Hit Him

A 25 year old Henderson, Kentucky man was bending over a firework to lite it.  It went off hitting him in the chest killing him.

Minnesota Man Injures Eye In Fireworks Mishap

A Lewiston, Minnesota man lit a firecracker successfully tossed it in the air then was then hit from a projectile after it exploded. He is recovering and is being charged with an illegal fireworks violation.

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