Any parent knows it's tough to keep an eye on your young ones all the time, but after reading this story, I'm guessing you are certainly going to want to find a way to try.

KDLT News is reporting that a 5-year-old Sioux Falls boy took a tumble out of a third story window on Saturday night (May 6).

The incident, which is being described as an accident by police took place just before 10:00 PM at a apartment complex located near 49th Street and Valhalla Boulevard in Sioux Falls.

According to KDLT News, a neighbor witnessed the 5-year-old fall from the window and immediately called 911. The child received serious injuries, including a few broken bones, but fortunately, none of them were life threatening.

The police report states that the boy evidently crawled onto a toy box and pushed on a screen window which gave way causing him to fall from the structure.

An accident like this one is a perfect example that something as flimsy as a screen should never be relied on to be a protective barrier.

Source: KDLT TV

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