There are some things I buy that HAVE to be name brand. When it comes to condensed soups, it has to be Campbell's. I only buy Glad or Hefty trash bags. Those no-name brand ones are never sturdy enough. I spend extra on hair products and buy Lanza shampoo and conditioner - because my hair needs all the help it can get. Otherwise, when it comes to shopping, I buy what's on sale or the cheapest.

I found an article on Brad's Deals that highlighted the eight things you should always buy generic. First of all, if you don't know what Brad's Deals is, you need to get acquainted with it. They have a website, send out e-mails and post Facebook messages every day showing some of the best deals available on the internet. I have found some dirt cheap deals on tennis shoes, Pyrex and several Christmas presents.

Here's the list of 8 things to always buy generic according to Brad's Deals:


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    Check the active ingredients in over the counter medicines. If the active ingredients on the generic medicine are the same on the name brand, it's the same medicine. The only difference is the price and possibly the inactive ingredients which have no bearing on how effective a medicine is. You should always ask your doctor before changing medicine.

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    Baby Formula

    A 1980 law required that all commercially produced and marketed infant formulas meet accepted nutritional standards and that consistent quality is maintained in their preparation. Basically, this law set the same nutrition standards across the board for both name-brand and generic kinds of baby formula.

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    Bottled Water

    There are actually FEWER regulations on bottled water than there are tap water in this country. Why buy an expensive bottle of Evian when it will do the same thing as a 50 cent gas station bottle of water – quench your thirst.

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    Most designer makeup styles have drugstore equivalents that work exactly the same and cost a fraction of the price.

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    Baking Supplies and Spices

    The FDA has the same requirements for production, and standards for storage and ingredients across the board for baking ingredients and spices as they do baby formula, so no matter what brand of flour, sugar or salt you're buying, you're getting the same thing and your dessert will taste the same.

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    Cleaning Products

    Bleach is bleach. The difference in most cleaning products is the price. You can buy a brand name dishwashing soap, but it will do the same thing as the generic.

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    My friend disputes this. She says her kids know when they're not drinking Land 'O Lakes milk. I can't tell the difference. I can tell if it's skim or 2%, but to me, there is no taste difference in brands, just in price.

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    I'm not a cereal snob. If it can be put in a bowl with milk, it's good enough for me. Malt O Meal cold cereals taste just like the name brand version. Berry Colossal Crunch tastes just as good as Crunch Berries and is cheaper. I love my Lucky Charms, but Marshmallow Mateys taste just as good and cost less. If you're not convinced, try swapping out your favorite name brand cereal for a less expensive brand and see for yourself.