The gas prices in Sioux Falls are back on a roller coaster again, at last check they're headed in the wrong direction, up!

The good news, as of last Sunday, gas prices in Sioux Falls were 40.1 cents per gallon lower than the same day one year ago. Now for the bad news, they also happen to be 11.3 cents per gallon higher than one month ago.

If you have kept an eye on pump prices, you already know we've played this up a dime, down a dime game for a little while now.

In February, the 5-year monthly average for a gallon of gas was $2.30 nationwide.

Prices actually dipped during February, but are expected to rise during March according to AAA. Refinery maintenance is what is helping drive up prices at the pump nationally at the moment.

As warm-weather driving season approaches, the prediction is that a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline will range somewhere between $2.20 and 2.25 in most markets.

As of Friday morning in Sioux Falls, the cheapest price for a gallon of regular, unleaded was $1.69 according to GasBuddy.

Source: NanoNews

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