"The Diary of Anne Frank" was 1st published in 1947 and has been read in U.S. classrooms for years. But the folks at Northville school district in Michigan are considering yanking it out of the schools because one parent claims a version of the book is "pornographic" and too explicit for middle school students.

According to the Huffington Post Gail Horalek filed a formal complaint with the district claiming that "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl (The Definitive Edition) is an inappropriate version of the real-life tale of a Jewish family hiding from Nazis during the Holocaust."  Horalek objects to passages in the diary's unedited version that describe Anne Frank exploring her own anatomy -- passages that Horalek says made her daughter uncomfortable.

Horalek said: "It's pretty graphic, and it's pretty pornographic for seventh-grade boys and girls to be reading. It's inappropriate for a teacher to be giving this material out to the kids when its really the parents' job to give the students this information."

Do you think 'The Diary of Anne Frank' is too adult for middle school kids?