It's January, which means another new diet to add to your repertoire.  Since January 1st, I've seen countless commercials for Weight Watchers, Nutri System, Jenny Craig, Medifast and many, many others.  Everywhere you turn there is a new diet to try.  Here's another one.  I laughed at first, then thought, maybe this could work!

The diet is detailed in a book called The 8 Hour Diet:  Watch the Pounds Disappear Without Watching What You Eat!  The authors of the book claim the world's obesity problem has more to do with when we eat than what we eat.  The book claims we can lose 20 pounds in six weeks by eating within an 8 hour period.  Choose any 8 hours, nothing beyond.  The book says:

Our bodies are like clocks, preferring to schedule maintenance and system backup during planned downtimes. If you crash the system — raiding the fridge at midnight and eating five bowls of sugary cereal first thing in the morning — it clears the dietary wreckage, resulting in a pileup around your waistline. But if you limit chow time to very specific hours of the day, your system has all the time it needs to process the traffic along your digestive tract, and it results in more health benefits than you can imagine.

Do you think it could work for you?  It does make sense.