Justin Horrocks/Getty Images

Heads up, while you're busy pushing buttons on your smart phone, someone else might be pushing the buttons on your significant other behind you back!

A new survey from Victoria Milan reveals that almost half of us, a whopping 45% of people have either cheated or contemplated cheating on their partner, because the other person pays way more attention to their phone than to them.

The "I love my phone more than you" syndrome has become so prevalent these days, there's now a term for it called "Phubbing."   

Think about it, is there anything more frustrating and rude than being out with someone who continually feels the need to stare at their phone, totally ignoring you while you're together?

Women between the ages of 30 and 50 have a tendency to get fed up with that type of behavior the fastest.

Obviously we can't entirely lay the reason for the infidelity at the feet of our smart phones. There's no doubt the couples that are so obsessed with their phones are probably having communication and trust issues with each other already. But their total fixation with their phone certainly is going a long way in helping fuel the fire to stray.

There is one upside to this news. If you're partner does end up cheating on you because you're too wrapped up with your phone, you can always use that phone to find someone new to hook up with I guess.