The U.S. Golf Association and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club proposed a new rule in golf that would ban the use of the "Belly Putters".  I've played more rounds of golf in and around Sioux Falls than I could possibly ever count.  I've seen bunches of guys using long putters.   I have over a dozen different putters currently spending a disciplinary "Time Out" in an old golf bag in the dark recesses of my garage.  If they don't work for me, off they go.  It gives them an opportunity to think about what they've done.  If there was any putting device that I could use to improve my game you can bet a 100 buckets of Pro V1's that I'd give it a try. I've tried the belly putter.  I might as well have been trying to French kiss a waffle iron.  I could not get the hang of it. I certainly don't feel that the use of this mutant club would give anyone an "Unfair Advantage". Apparently PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem agrees with me.

"We hold the USGA in highest regard as a key part of the game of golf. We don't attempt to denigrate that position in any way whatsoever. It's just on this issue, we think if they were to move forward they would be making a mistake. I think the essential thread that went through the thinking of the players ... was that in the absence of data or any basis to conclude that there is a competitive advantage to be gained by using anchoring, and given the amount of time that anchoring has been in the game, that there is no overriding reason to go down that road,"

To non-golfers I’m sure this just seems silly. But to a die-hard linksman it’s a big deal. Do you think they should change the rule and outlaw the club? Or do you think golfers should quite whining and find something better to do with there time?