She goes by Diva Q. I think she is more of a Goddess. Diva Q is a world renowned BBQ expert. She has won numerous BBQ, Grilling, & Smoking Championship awards across the nation. And she delighted folks in Sioux Falls this week.

Diva Q enlightened, entertained, and educated two sessions of Traeger enthusiasts at Nyberg's Ace on Monday and Tuesday night.

Diva Q and her wonderful support staff travel all over the nation doing The Traeger Shop Classes. I whole heartedly agree with Kevin Nyberg who put it this way:

It was a great couple of evenings with barbecuer pro Diva Q (Danielle Bennett) learning more about Traeger wood fired grills! Proud to have Nyberg’s Ace one of 30 Traeger Shop Classes held throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Kevin Nyberg / Diva Q / Ben Davis

I am a chronic smoker, on my Traeger, I attended the Tuesday night class. The Diva showed us tips, tricks, and technics on Spatchcocking Chicken along with making the perfect steak, pork butt, & beef brisket. Then we were served samples after every course. It was incredible! At some point I do think I did slip into a mild meat coma.

Ben Davis / Diva Q Traeger Shop Class Sioux Falls

It was an A+ evening! The Diva was delightful, funny, and engaging just like you she her on TV and videos. And Kevin Nyberg and his staff at Ace could not have been more helpful and accommodating.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of the Traeger Shop Classes I would highly recommend it. Be sure you wear your stretchy pants.