It just amazes me what people do when they encounter wild animals. First rule: “Don’t feed wild animals”.

I've spent lots of time in the north woods and have had many bear encounters.  At no time did I think it would be a good idea to invite them to lunch.

A black bear mauled a man at a campground in Alaska. The man could be charged with illegally feeding wildlife.

The man had allegedly been drinking and then decided to go for a bike ride. He comes across a bear. He decides the bear might like a little BBQ. So he tosses him a piece of meat. Then he offers the bear another piece of meat.

According to someone on site: “That's when it kind of went ballistic.”

Park rangers found the bloodied man washing himself off at the campground not “terribly coherent”.  The man was treated for punctures wounds and scratches at an Anchorage hospital. His name was not immediately released.

Authorities said there were no witnesses to the attack and the man struggled to convey what had happened when a trooper spoke with him at the hospital.

What do you think?  Can you really blame the bear for this?  

If you are wondering what you should do in case you are attacked by a bear, sober or not, check out this video.  Just remember: Never drink and feed bears.