When windchills have been around 40 to 50 below zero this winter the only food your thinking about is comfort food - a big pot of chili, roast with potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker, tater tot casserole - ice cream isn't even on your radar, until you hear B&G Milkyway is getting ready to open for the season.

Even on one of the coldest days of the year, I was craving a hot fudge and marshmallow malt and a pizza burger from B&G. Eating at B&G is almost too convenient for me because one is only a few blocks from the radio station.

The first sign of spring is when B&G Milkyway announces its season opening date. According to B&G Milkyway's Facebook page, the 69th and Louise store will open for the season on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 11:00 AM.

It's a big year for B&G, they recently announced the addition of a new Sioux Falls store. Later this summer, a B&G will open near Harmodon Park on 41st Street. According to their Facebook page, they'll start hiring for that store in March.

In 2020, Harrisburg will get its first B&G. That store will be located near Fareway on Cliff Avenue.

The other B&Gs are located on West 12th StreetWest 41st Street, South Sycamore, Brandon, and Tea.

B&G Milkyway is known for their ice cream, which has less fat and calories than other popular ice cream stores. They have a big list of treats, but also a good-sized menu of other favorites like their Sloppy Joe, Footlong, homemade baked beans and my personal favorite, the pizza burger.

The other B&G locations will also open in March. Those dates will be announced soon.

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