I was watching the Golf Channel this afternoon and dreaming of spring.  Bill Haas was tied with Justin Rose for 1st place in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Orlando, Fl.  Haas hits one into a lake by the green.  Bummer!  Then he decides to go in after it.  I have tried this shot before myself a couple of times.  But in never turned out like this for me.  I just got a mouth full of fish flavored mud.  Not Bill Haas.  He hits the ball out of the water to within a foot of the hole.  Unbelievable shot!!  Then he goes up to make the only barefooted tap in putt I've ever seen.   Color me impressed!  And it turns out that Bill Haas has no fear of the water.  Check out the video below from the 2011 Tour Championship.  This guy needs to add a snorkel to his bag.