I used to hate Valentine's Day. So much pressure for a commercial holiday with dinner reservations, jewelry, and a Hallmark card that says what I should've been saying more than just one day of the year. Wrong sized lingerie and flowers that die in 3 days are stark reminders of previous year's fails.

Alas, Valentine's Day is usually not my time to shine as a husband.

Until now.

I recently learned that Red Lobster is selling it's irresistible Cheddar Bay Biscuits in a heart-shaped box and I'm all in. It's available for pickup or dine-in at Red Lobster from now through February 14th.

It's time to throw out those lame sugary "Be Mine" candy hearts and say, "You're My Lobster" with these limited-time biscuits.

To order (and I really don't know why you wouldn't) pull up the Red Lobster App or go to www.RedLobster.com and select biscuits. Pick them up after work on Friday and be a hero. You can order your biscuits online here.

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