Okay, so my wife was going through my closet the other day and found a shirt that I had purchased a few months ago that still had the tags on it. Meaning I've never worn it.

She then proceeded to give me a rash, and I do mean a rash of crap about this shirt! To which I replied, "yeah, and I bet there's not a couple of pieces of clothing in your closet right now that you've never worn too. If we were to comb through your closets and draws right now, I'm sure we could find one or two items still containing tags."

She decided to take that challenge. To my surprise we found none! Not one stinking piece of clothing still contained a price tag. She got lucky! This time.

Just when I thought she had won this little battle over the tagged shirt, I stumbled across this nugget of information. The average woman has $550.00 of clothing she's never worn before!

I knew it! Women are just as guilty, if not worse than men about this kind of stuff.

I was surprised to find out that the majority of women surveyed actually admitted to not wearing 20% of the stuff in their closet. With the most commonly ignored pieces of clothing being, coats and shoes.

Little does my wife know, but tonight we start round 2 of the great clothing debate. We're going through her closets and draws again. This time, to see if I even recognize most of this stuff. I'm going to take this survey to task. And I know I'm going to win!

There's way to many clothes, coats and shoes crammed in there for me to lose. No way one person can be wearing all that stuff!

I can smell the old "I'm saving it for that perfect occasion" excuse coming next!

Source: Daily Mail