It's National Donut Day.  In the words of Homer Simpson: "Woo-hooo"!  Everyone loves donuts.  If you don't love donuts, you are a communist.

I enjoys me the donuts but now I have found a new lover...the 'Cronut'.  It's part croissant, part donut.  Or to put it another way; its like sugar coated puppies and rainbows.  Not that I would ever eat a puppy.

Unfortunatly there is no place here in Sioux Falls that you can get a Cronut.  The only place you can get one is at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood.

It's deepfryed dough, butter, and sugar.  So wrong, but so good.  Of course to be honest the only place I've sampled them is in my dreams, but they were great!

In New York they are selling from $5 to $40 bucks each.  If they were available here in Sioux Falls would you buy them?