Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of money the "Father" of the family is saving the entire family unit each year?

It goes without saying that most dads are an integral part of the family. Not only is the man of the house the bread winner in most cases, he's also wearing a number of different hats that nobody else in the family wants to wear.

I should preface this by saying, my intent is not to slight all the hard work and efforts that moms put forth on a daily basis, but with Father's Day right around the corner we really need to give a big old pat on the back to dad!

A new report from Insure.com just calculated the value of all the stuff dads do around the house each year. Upon further review, dad is one hard workin' son of a gun, and he's also saving his family some big bucks too.

Think about all the stuff the average dad does for his family throughout the course of a year. I mean he doubles as an accountant, plumber, tutor, coach, handyman, car mechanic, builder, pest control provider, taxi driver, laborer, cook, groundskeeper and personal banker.

If you were to add up all the services that the average dad provides, it would total nearly $24,103 worth of work.

So let's hear it for dad!

This Father's Day don't just buy him a pack of Skittles, a cheesy Father's Day card and a cheap $12.99 Dad's Day lunch. He's worth at least a Beer Holster and one of those Visors with the fake hair on it too!