Why blow a bunch of dough on expensive crap for Valentines Day when you can get away with buying cheap crap and call it "Thoughtful". Because after all don't the sensitive folks always say it's the "Thought" that counts.

Here are a few ways to take care of your lady … on the cheap.

Taffy – Instead of chocolate (which is expensive and brown), get her Taffy which lasts longer, is cheaper, and doggon pretty.

Make Her a Card - Don't fuss too much. Just channel your inner 2nd grader.

Hand Sanitizer - Because you care.

Plants – Roses are expensive and clichéd, so instead pick her up a nice Fichus.

A Nice Meal at Home – And not just Mac-n-Cheese...put wieners in it. A little “Showoffy”, but a nice touch.

Don't Forget the Wine - Maybe splurge a little bit for a nice box.

And remember before you bestow all of the aforementioned "giftage" on your babe, you may want to prepare a nice poem to bring home just how "Thoughtful" and "Sensitive" you are. Something likes this:

Happy Valentines Day
From a sensitive pup,
Here's some thoughtful stuff
How 'bout we hook up?

You're Welcome!