Here's one that will most certainly fuel sibling rivalry: statistically, the older sibling is the worst driver in your family. A recent study by Privilege Car Insurance rated the habits of over 1,300 motorists and found that the oldest - or the first-borns - are the worst drivers.

Specifically, 89% of older brothers and sisters are likely to go over the speed limit., 47% are likely to cut off another driver, and 46% will hog the middle of the road.

But why stop there? I'm having fun (mainly because I'm the middle child and my older brother will read this) 17% of older sisters admit to applying makeup while driving, while 30% of older siblings admit to using their phone while driving. I'm guessing that last one is a lot higher.

Interestingly, the youngest and the middle children were more likely to blame their own bad driving on "other annoying people." I love that cuz it's true.

So, who's the worst driver in your family?

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