Brienne Maner has been the face of Downtown Sioux Falls. As Vice President of DTSF she has spent many years promoting the cities downtown businesses, entertainment, and growth.

KSFY TV is reporting that the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship announced Wednesday that Brienne has been named as the organization’s executive director.

Zeal Center board chair Karla Santi said: "We are excited to have Brienne share her passion for small business and the entrepreneurial community as we lead Zeal into our next phase of growth. Her strong sense of community lends itself well to supporting our vision to create a thriving hub of entrepreneurship."

Brienne will assume her position of executive director of Zeal on May 24. In her role as executive director her responsibilities will include leading Zeal staff in promoting and driving entrepreneurship throughout the Sioux Falls area along with providing leadership, strategic planning and execution, entrepreneurial programming, and community and partner relations.

Over the last number of years Patty & I have had the opportunity to get to know Brienne and call her friend. She is a brilliant individual who has blessed this community with her vision, energy, and talents. We want to wish her all the success the universe can bring her. Bravo Brienne!

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