How would you feel about people being able to drive drunk in South Dakota if they received a special permit?  According to the Huffington Post that is what is happening in Kerry County in southwest Ireland:

The Kerry County Council in southwest Ireland has passed a controversial measure that could make it legal for some rural drivers to get behind the wheel after knocking back a few stiff drinks.

While only three council members voted "no" on the proposed legislation, five apparently support the creation of special permits for driving in sparsely populated areas while intoxicated, according to the Guardian.

Councillor Danny Healy-Rae , who spearheaded the motion, claimed that citizens drinking and driving in rural areas had "never killed anyone" and argued that the permits would actually help prevent "a lot of them falling into depression".

Healy-Rae also owns a pub in County Kerry, according to the Guardian.

“A lot of these people are living in isolated rural areas where there’s no public transport of any kind, and they end up at home looking at the four walls, night in and night out, because they don’t want to take the risk of losing their licence”.

What do you think?