Things are starting to look up.  When I first heard Nicki Minaj might be a judge on the new season of America Idol, I instantly deleted the show off my 'future programs to record' menu on my DVR.  Now, there are rumors that Enrique Iglesias  might join the show.  My heart pitter-pattered a little.

American Idol has yet to officially announce its new judging panel, but Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Enrique Iglesias has a firm offer to join the show.

Enrique would be the 4th member of the panel, for which he'd receive about $4 million per year.  That's the same amount as what another prospective judge, country star Keith Urban, would be making if his deal goes through.  Nicki Minaj is the other star expected to join the panel.  Mariah Carey is the only confirmed judge.

If Nicki does get the job, my fast-forward button will get a workout.

Enrique and Keith...bring on the eye candy!