This weekend I was over by Eastern Farmers Co-op in Brandon, SD.  As I got off of I-90 at the Brandon exit I looked to the north as saw the biggest flock of geese I'd ever seen. It was like the movie "Fargo" meets "The Birds".  It's being referred to as "Goosestock".

I talked with Eastern Farmers Safety & Compliance Specialist, Tim Neuroth, about the flock.  He said that the geese are attracted to the remnants of a giant mountain of corn that had been shipped out.

Various flocks of geese migrate in every morning and fly out just before sunset every night. The flock continues to grow and grow.  Tim speculates that geese may be alerting other geese by posting "Goosestock" on "Goosebook".  Have you ever seen this many geese in one spot?

Ben Davis/Mix97.3
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