The Coen brothers have signed a deal with FX to adapt their Academy Award-winning film Fargo into a TV series.   The "hour long project" will be 'loosely based' on the 1996 crime film. I'm guessing because most of the original characters were killed. When they say 'Loosely based' I'm guessing that means it will be really cold, and the people will talk funny. I first saw this movie when it was a rental. My wife and I planned a quite evening at home together. We rented 2 VHS movies: FARGO & JOE'S APPARTMENT. One movie had funny talking people in parkas; the other had funny singing cockroaches. We hated both movies. Wished they could have combined them into one movie featuring singing roaches running North Dakotans through a wood chipper. Do we need FARGO the TV series? Would you watch it?