Week number one of school is well underway. The Sioux Falls School District began school on Monday. Private schools started last Thursday.

Kindergarteners deal with developing and perfecting lines to stand in. Parents and others travel through school zones orderly, both can both bring smiles and tears.

School zones are 15 mph when people are present.

Dozens of 5-year-olds, many holding tightly to a parent’s hand, moved towards the playgrounds and school front doors for their first day of kindergarten in Sioux Falls, a scene that was repeated at numerous other elementary schools from Harrisburg to Dell Rapids.

It was a busy morning at the elementary schools as the kindergartners joined first- through fifth-graders for their first day of classes in Sioux Falls.

One little girl skipped up the walk, carrying a bouquet of flowers for her new teacher and, behind her, second-grader was all smiles.

But for many kindergartner and first-graders, going to school again Wednesday morning will be a task, tired from an already busy week.

The Sioux Falls Police Department reminding motorists to pay extra attention in school zones as the annual school enforcement week for Sioux Falls police is the week after school begins.