Last year, it was Deep-Fried Ribs, Mac-N-Cheese Cupcakes, Stuffed Meatloaf on a stick, and Barbecue Pickle Ice Cream that made waves and mouths water at the Minnesota State Fair. So what fair food fare is in store for fairgoers this August 25th through September 5th, 2016 when Minnesota's yearly extravaganza begins?

It is a wide selection of foods both savory and sweet, which are all destined to please the palate, while adding pounds and raising blood pressure and cholesterol levels at the same time!

Spam is featured prominently, not once, but twice, in the previewed selections, and why not, it is a Minnesota creation which is beloved by many people, (including me!). Here is a partial list of the goodies being whipped up this summer in St. Paul.

  • Spam Sushi - Now this is a sushi I'd be willing to try!
  • Deep-Fried Spam Curds - Cheese-flavored Spam which has been cubed, battered and fried, served with a side of ranch dressing. Heaven!
  • Candied Bacon Doughnut Sliders - Doughnut holes with candied bacon slices in the middle. Oh my!
  • Cheesy French Onion Monkey Bread - No self-respecting monkey would try to wrestle this out of my hands!
  • Candied Bacon BLT - Again, it's bacon- -and it's candied!!
  • Deep-Fried Nachos - I'm sure the lettuce, avocado (in the guacamole) and jalapenos make this a much healthier selection, (in some alternate universe perhaps!).

For a look at more of the delicious offerings that will be available for you to spackle your arteries with at the Minnesota State Fair this year, click here or here.

(Source material from and the Minnesota State

And check out this video from last year's fair.

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