The wife and I were watching the Grammy's last night and she asked me why the band fun. has a period at the end of their title name.  So I said..."Duh, I don't know".  So I found out.  I went to a little chat room to talk with some big fans of the group and this is some of the stuff I found out about fun.:

1. Lead singer - Nate Ruess.
2. Guitarist - Jack Antonoff.
3. Keyboardist - Andrew Dost, used to be in a band called anathallo.
4. Andrew can play the Flugelhorn and Glockenspiel.
5. fun. has 3 touring members, Emily Moore (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Will Noon (drums), and Nate Harold (bass).
6. The first demo they released was benson hedges, and the first song they released was at least i'm not as sad (as i used to be).
7. Nate is 30 years old, andrew and jack are 28.
8. They're heavily influenced by queen, and their latest album (produced by jeff bhasker) also has heavy influences from kanye west.
9. fun. got its name because they were joking around with their friend who was a comedian, coming up with awful band names like "ice cream", and they came up with "fun" which they actually sort of liked. So their manager told them to google it and they didn't find anything, so they used the name.
10. A little while after naming themselves "Fun", a swedish deathmetal band also named fun contacted them and asked them to alter their names slightly so people can tell them apart. that's why "fun." has a period at the end.

So there you have it!  Wasn't