Don Klumpp/Getty Images

This will make you think twice about giving someone a little "paw" the next time you're at a conference, a party, or any other type of social gathering where a lot of hand shaking is required.

Almost all of the hands you are about to shake are covered in filthy bathroom juice!

Researchers recently conducted a study on the frequency in which the average person washes their hands properly after using the bathroom. The results may make you want to run out and get some rubber gloves. Buy a case of Lysol or maybe even go live inside a bubble.

Not to get all Howard Hughes on you, but, the study revealed that nineteen out of twenty people don't wash their hands correctly after using the bathroom. That means there's only a 5% shot you're shaking an uncontaminated hand.

Only two out of three people wash their hands with soap after using the toilet. Most of them only washed their hands for about six seconds, not the recommended 15 seconds it actually takes to get your hands clean.

As expected, men are worse about not washing their hands than women. 15% of men don't wash their hands at all, compared to 7% of women. They didn't even bother to run a little water over them. Hopefully one of those folks won't be the person preparing the sub sandwich you'll be having for lunch today!

According to the Center for Disease Control, handshaking is one of the most common person to person transmission routes for viruses and bacteria.

With that said, I want to leave you with this little nugget of information. March, 19th is "National Handshake Day." Plenty of time to make plans to be sick that day. Or better yet, spend the entire day in a Hazmat Suit.