I got so excited when I heard that Gabriel Iglesias is going to be performing at the Sioux Empire Fair this year. He is one is my favorite comedians. I've been following his stand-up since I first saw him on Comedy Central's Premium Blend in 2000. I taped his Comedy Central Presents a few years later and watch it a ton of times. Whenever his stand-up specials showed up on TV my whole house comes to a standstill so we can watch.

That's especially true now because my son Iglesias when we went to Omaha last year. My wife and i were listening to his album Hot and Fluffy as we made our way through the no-man's land on I-29 between Sioux City and Omaha. The comedy caught my son's attention and he actually kept his headphones off and laughed with us.

Iglesias tells great, fun stories about his friends and family. He talks about his Mexican-American heritage and his life as, as he calls it, a fluffy man. He is also amazing with voices and sound effects. Check out the clips below for a taste.

Gaberiel Iglesias will preform at the Sioux Empire Fair on the Campbell’s Main Stage on Tuesday, August 8. For the best Fair experience check out the Siouxper Pass. You can get into all the shows at the fair including Gaberiel Iglesias, and unlimited rides for all 10 days of the Fair. You can get Siouxper Passes only at Lewis Drug stores.