I've only had two pets who have allowed me to dress them in clothing of any kind. One was a very tolerant Siamese cat who suffered us putting her in baby clothes and pushing her around in a stroller.

The other was a loving German Shepherd named Alle, who I would put sweatshirts on because she was so cute in them. She would sit in it and walk around wearing it, totally nonplussed, as if all dogs did that sort of thing.

When these two walked across the Rainbow Bridge that was the end of a short line of family pets who would put up with such human foibles. I tried putting a sweatshirt on my late German Shepherd Baci once, in an effort to channel memories of our dog Alle. She acted as if I had just dipped her in a vat of hot oil and could not get out of it quickly enough!

Lesson learned and I never attempted to dress another pet in anything, let alone a Halloween costume!

Now a new survey by Pet360 has found that 50% of pet owners have every intention of dressing their pets up for Halloween. Thank goodness there are some very receptive pets out there.

I remember a great costume Ben's wife made for their dearly departed King Charles Cavalier spaniel, Bogie (that's him in the picture above, happily posing with a chewy bone, minus a costume).

That year their theme was The Addams Family. Ben and Linda dressed as Gomez & Morticia, their daughter Morgan was Wednesday and her boyfriend (now husband), Mitch was Pugsley. They were hilarious, but the capper was Bogie filling the role of Cousin It in a costume Linda made for him, long blonde wig included. It was beyond funny, and sweet little Bogie was complacent to toddle around the party amusing a group of dumb humans. God bless him!

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