I just got back from Chicago where I got to spend two nights with one of my favorite bands, Hanson.

Yes, that Hanson. Yes, MMMBop Hanson. Yes, they still make music. Yes, they are still together. Yes, they still tour. Yes, they have had more than one album.

I think that covers all the usual questions.

Anyway, with this tour the guys do two shows in each city. The first night consisting of covers songs that they grew up listening to and inspired them. The second night is all their music. Also, Taylor Hanson does a DJ set at an afterparty after the concert the first night. Super fun.

If you count each show separately, I have now seen Hanson in concert six times. All since the year 2005.

Before this show, it had been about five years since my last show. I was jonesing for a fix of some Hanson and boy did I get it.

There were a few times, I think I literally become 11 again and lost my mind.

Hanson covered The Beach Boys because they helped induct them into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. They said it was one of the best, yet most terrifying moments. P.S. I love this song! I didn't get it on film, but the three different vocal parts in the round at the end were amazing.

The guys closed out the first night with this awesome cover! Zac got to be the frontman for a change while Taylor took on the drums!

I probably lost my mind the most during this song. "A Minute Without You" is on Hanson's debut album, and they don't always do a lot from their first album. Nostalgia at its best. The crowd was going crazy!

"Broken Angel" is a beautiful ballad off of Underneath, their third album. I loved this moment because the crowd is almost louder than the band. Fansons for life!

I love The Jackson 5. I love Hanson. The End.

And the one you've been waiting for! "MMMBop"