*Whatever happened to sweet little Miley Cyrus A.K.A. Hannah Montana?*

Do you remember that kindly little Hannah Montana girl that your kids used to watch on TV.  Apparently Miley has decided to abandon virtue, class, or hint of a moral compass.  Her assumed reason:  She's rich and she can.

I'm not sure if this is officially a sign of the end-times but "We Can't Stop" has now broken a new record.  According to Billboard.com"No video has gained 100 million VEVO views faster than Miley's latest visual."  Go figure?

If you are looking for some real evidence of this girls effort to be mayor of Wackytown, check out the videos below.  What do you think?

*Here is Miley Cyrus's latest video "We Can't Stop"*

*Here is a parody of Miley's video that aptly explains whats really going on*

*Here is a video of kids reactions to Miley's "We Can't Stop" video*