Most of us try the best we can to be law abiding citizens, but did you know that you may have been breaking the law without even realizing it?

BestLifeOnline has a list of 30 of the most common transgressions. How many have you been guilty of over the years?

  • Using Public WiFi: In some places it's against the law to use an establishment's WiFi if you aren't a customer. Sitting in the car in their parking lot to check your e-mail is a no-no!
  • Singing 'Happy Birthday to You': If you recorded yourself signing this at a party, you were violating the copyright held by the Hill family. But only up until 2016. After that it was declared to be public domain. So just burn those old tapes and you'll be fine!
  • Using a Fake Name Online: It this day and age of identity theft online, we've all been tempted to sign in as John or Jane Doe when we're asked for our info on a website. But if you do, you're in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
  • Downloading Music: Does the name 'Napster' ring a bell?
  • Drinking Underage: Of all of the things on this list, this could be the single most commonly violated law.
  • Playing Poker With Friends: The higher the stakes, the more likely you're guilty. The Illegal Gambling Act of 1970 says if you rake in more than $2,000 in a single day of gambling you're breaking the law. Stick to quarter ante!
  • Eating Something Before You Bought It: Just because you plan to pay for it eventually doesn't mean it isn't stealing when you take that first bite or sip.
  • Downloading Movies and TV Shows: There's a common misconception that if something is on YouTube it's fair game. Not if it was uploaded illegally.
  • Sharing Your Password: If someone is not paying for the service, it is illegal for you to let them use your account.
  • Using Your Cell Phone While Driving: This depends on local laws, but certainly texting while driving is now against the law in a lot of places. Some states have even banned talking on cell phones unless you use a hands-free device.
  • Not Updating Your Driver License When Moving: This one is a bit of a gray area. Are you required to change it right away? Do you have 60 or 90 days? Beyond that, you're just asking for trouble.
  • Sharing Medication: If your name's not on the prescription, you can't take someone else's medicine.
  • Jaywalking: If you're not in a crosswalk, you're breaking the law.
  • Smoking Marijuana: In some states, it's still illegal to smoke weed at all. In some places now, it's only against the law in public.
  • Not Getting a License for Your Dog: This doesn't just apply to dogs. Cats count too!
  • Possessing a Permanent Marker: Believe it or not, in certain states this is a violation of anti-graffiti laws.
  • Writing 'Disturbing' Material: This is one of those 'eye of the beholder' things, but try not to be too shocking on your next blog.
  • Littering: This has been - and always should be - wrong. Don't do it!
  • Throwing Out Cell Phones: Some of the chemicals and nasty metals in those old phones have no business in our soil or ground water. Take them to a proper recycling facility.
  • Driving Over the Speed Limit: I take back what I said about underage drinking. This one has the most violators!
  • Driving Under the Speed Limit: You do have to maintain a minimum speed on highways and interstates. The only time any of us risk violating this is when were loaded down with stuff on moving day.
  • Turning Right on Red: Most intersections have signs that spell out the rules, but that doesn't stop some people.
  • Rolling Through a Stop Sign: Unless all four wheels come to a complete stop, you could be ticketed.
  • Driving Through a Red Light in the Middle of the Night: Tempting. But still illegal.
  • Doing a U-Turn When It’s Illegal: Sometimes you just don't want to have to go to the next traffic signal after you missed your turn. This falls into the 'just because you can, doesn't mean you should' category.
  • Rolling Through a Stop Sign on Your Bike: When you're riding on the street, the same traffic laws that apply to cars, apply to you.
  • Not Wearing a Seatbelt: This one is just common sense.
  • Public Intoxication: You don't have to be behind the wheel to be breaking the law.
  • Drinking in Public: With the exception of places like Las Vegas and New Orleans, simply walking down the street with an open container of alcohol is a no-no.
  • Making a Meme: You are not allowed to use copyrighted images in your creations. Stick to your own photos.

So how did you do? Out of 30, I am guilty of 19. And no I won't tell you which ones.

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