So how many times do you hit your snooze alarm every morning? Guess what - it could kill you.

A study in The Times reports that: "A top sleep scientist has warned that lurking in every alarm clock is the potential for sustained heart trauma."

The situation is that nature has designed us to jump to attention when we are awakened. It was a big deal to our caveman ancestors.

Science shows that when a big saber-tooth tiger wandered into the 3 bed/2 bath cave of our neanderthal forefathers, those that hit the snooze button became cat food. It's science. Accept it.

Each time we wake up there is an explosive burst of activity in our heart. This is happening every morning, after every time we wake up after hitting the snooze alarm button.

According to Matthew Walker, from the University of Berkeley:

“Why would you expose your heart to the same stress three or four times in ten minutes? You might laugh, but if you do that every day across ten years you can only imagine the cardiovascular effect. It’s far from trivial.”

It's science. Accept it.

Yikes...Right!?  Who would've thought sleeping could kill us!?

But it turns out that if your snooze alarm is set to a radio station (not just music, it has to be a radio station), this will not affect you and you will live long and prosper!  It's science...ok, my science...but hey...Accept it!

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