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What's that, you had a little too much fun this past weekend? Big night on the town maybe, with one too many libations and you're still moving a little slow at the junction as they say.

I'm here to help with some advice for the next time you're head is pounding, your stomach is churning, your eyes are bloodshot and mouth feels as dry as the bottom of a parrot's cage. Or in other words, you're extremely hungover!

A new study out of China published in the September issue of Food and Function has found the best cure supposedly for a hangover (that is if you forgot to drink plenty of water before going out) isn't a couple of aspirin, eating burnt toast or even getting several hours of sleep, believe it or not, if you want to start feeling better as soon as possible try having a Sprite.


Research has found that Sprite did the best job of breaking down the chemical compound that causes a person to be hungover. The chemical is called acetaldehyde and there's something about the mix of carbonation and chemicals in Sprite that break it down rapidly.

One thing you definitely want to avoid taking if you're looking to kick your hangover to the curb pronto is herbal tea. The research found that is the worst thing you can take; often times it will actually intensify your hangover.

The only way I would consider taking herbal tea, is if you're looking to bail on your boss the next day at work.  Of course we all know that move could give you further headaches that are not alcohol related down the road.

Hey, if actually fail to make good on your promise of "never taking another drink again as long as you live" and you get into this same predicament, give the Sprite cure a try and let me know if it actually works.