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If you're looking to improve your standing within the workplace and score some big time points with the boss, you need to start doing the following right away.

Here are eight scientifically proven ways to impress your boss based on various studies over the past few years according to the Business Insider.

  • First off, wear red. People who wear red show they are focused, committed and trustworthy.
  • Get to work earlier than your coworkers.
  • If you're a woman, wear makeup. (Just not too much makeup)
  • Have "executive presence." In other words, show confidence, calmness under pressure and decisiveness.
  • Don't negotiate face to face. Subordinate people perform better and show more skill in non-face-to-face negotiations.
  • Don't help coworkers too much. That's right, I said don't make a habit of always helping your coworkers. I know its odd sounding, but you'll end up getting overloaded yourself and you won't perform as well on your own work.
  • Smile, and smile a lot.
  • I'm sure you won't complain too much about this last one. Have sex at least four times a week. Having sex leads to higher self-esteem and happiness, this translates to better work and a better employee.

I should clarify, that doesn't mean have sex with your boss at least four times a week. Although, in some workplace situations that may work in your favor. It’s not a good idea. Typically employee/employer relationships that are physical in nature tend to never end well. It usually involves one of you eventually being asked to leave. Most likely you.

Then you’ll need to reference and entirely different list. The "8 best ways to get a new job!"