Iowa is about to get new state license plates, and in my opinion, they make South Dakota's new plates that were rolled out back in 2016 look like award winners, and that's kinda scary.

KDLT News is reporting on Monday (August 21) the Iowa Transportation Department announced the design dubbed "City and County Reboot” was chosen the winner of the three new plate designs submitted.

Iowans were recently given the opportunity to vote on the new plate designs, and the City and County Reboot option received the most votes, at just over 113,000.

An option called “Flying Our Colors,” which was based on the Iowa state flag finished second, while “The Great Wide Open,” a design based on a rural theme finished in last place during the voting process.

According to the KDLT News report, all three designs were met with sharp criticism on social media. The designer of the three new possible plate options said she was artistically hamstrung by law enforcement considerations in her response.

The new plates that display a blue border containing city and country images at the top, paired with a green border at the bottom, intended to evoke growth, nature and wellness are set to make their debut on the front and backs of Iowa cars starting in 2018.

Source: KDLT News

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