You wrong for that one! Serial dater John Mayer is coping with his breakup from Katy Perry in a very interesting way... by trying to get into her BFF Rihanna's pants of course!

A source told The Daily Star, "She was really shocked when she heard from John. Even though he’s been chasing for years, she thought it was far too soon after his split with Katy." Uh, yeah. Ya think?! Not only is he reportedly texting her friend, but someone that Katy has had a very public friendship with. Tsk tsk, Johnny!

The source added, "Rihanna said his texts were very sexy and flirty, with him suggesting they’d have hours of fun together. He was very complimentary about her Twitter photos.” So it looks like all those sexy topless Instagram pics are not for nothing!

Perhaps Mayer was really upset about his breakup from Katy and wanted to rebound with someone else who was on the rebound. After all, RiRi and Chris Brown seem to be on the outs for about the billionth time. It probably all made perfect sense in John's head, we're assuming. Though he gets an F for execution.

You couldn't find any other girl to text in, what we're guessing, is a rather expansive Little Black Book? Seems cold-blooded to us. If you're looking to win the breakup, John, you're doing an awfully terrible job.

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