John Mayer isn't just touring this summer for the first time since his throat surgery -- he's also promising a new album!

Mayer took to his tumblr to announce his latest project, which he promised would be all new, original material -- not just a deluxe or expanded edition of his most recent effort, 'Born and Raised.'

New record this Summer… Not a Born and Raised “plus”… A new group of songs to bring the whole thing up to date with Summer 2013. I have that hunger that always precedes something meaningful. See you all soon. And thanks for the warm welcome back to the stage. Getting back on it a little at a time.

In March, Mayer debuted a new song, 'Dear Marie,' and told Billboard, "I want to make the commitment now, that there's going to be a lot of music going around." He described his direction as "open, acid country." Sounds interesting, no?

Perhaps some of Mayer's inspiration came from his split from Katy Perry. The pair were rumored to be on the outs in part because of their conflicting, hectic schedules -- and Mayer's summer tour (kicking off July 6) plus recording and producing can't be easy to juggle with a relationship.

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