Finally, poll results I agree with.  Not only is Keith Urban the best looking judge that has ever graced the judges panel of American Idol, he actually knows his stuff.  He is the only judge that has given useful advice and encouraging critiques.  Mariah Carey would be my runner-up.

A website called Zimbio conducted a poll to determine the best "American Idol" judge of all time!  The judge with the most votes was Keith Urban, who hasn't even finished his first season on the show.  He isn't mean to the contestants and gives them advice and encouragement.

Some of Keith's quotes this past season:

"Your instincts are beautiful and sets you apart from everybody else."  (to Kree Harrison)

"You should let your spirit just go with the melody." (to Angie Miller)

"I predict you will be a member of the Grand Ole Opry in the near future." (to Kree Harrison)

"It's like Freddie Mercury had a love child out of Woodstock or something." (to Charlie Askew)

Here is the Top 10:

  1. Keith Urban
  2. Simon Cowell
  3. Mariah Carey
  4. Jennifer Lopez
  5. Nicki Minaj
  6. Ellen DeGeneres
  7. Steven Tyler
  8. Paula Abdul
  9. Randy Jackson
  10. Kara DioGuardi