So why can't I raise a few a pigs, chickens, or lamas in my own backyard? There are people who are already raising poultry inside of the Sioux Falls city limits. Why not other animals. They can't be any noisier than some neighborhood dogs.
There are plenty of great reasons why we should all have 2 cars in every garage and a 1/2 dozen chickens in every back yard.


1. Your own fresh food!  Just a couple of chickens will net you a bundle of eggs. When the eggs stop coming... Walla! ...Sunday dinner!

2. You are raising food you can trust!  You know where your food has been. If there is a food born illness break out you only have to go as far as your backyard for a recall!

3. One word FERTILIZER!  Chicken poop is high in nitrogen and great for your compost pile. And you'll have lots of it!

4. Pest control on the claw!  Chickens love to eat roaches, grubs, or any other pests you don’t want in your yard or garden? Chickens will even eat mice! No extra charge!

5. Entertainment Value!  Just think of the hours you can spend bonding with your chickens: feeding, cleaning the coup, collecting the eggs, long walks on a moonlit night!

As you are reading this there is a task force right here in Sioux Falls working on creating guidelines on how you should keep you chickens, goats, cows, or other tasty farm critters.  Let's not leave these important decisions up to the vegans and the bureaucrats.  Get involved!  The meeting is today!

What: Urban Agriculture Task Force public meeting
When: 6:30 p.m. today
Where: Carnegie Town Hall, 235 W. 10th St.

Finally a cause that we can all feel good about flocking too!