My second cousin Evelyn has seen a lot in her 95 years and one shocking day 8 decades ago still replays vividly in her mind.

Back in 1933 When she was in 7th grade, Evelyn was walking to school on a country road and that's when she saw a car whiz by.  Windows were down something was being thrown out of the car.  Nails and tacks were left in the wake of the speeding car, to ensure police trying to catch them would get a flat tire.

News of the robbery and getaway traveled quickly through the southwestern Minnesota community of Okabena. Further investigation revealed the robbers to be Bonnie & Clyde and the Barrow Gang who pocketed $1,500.   Despite locals exchanging fire, no one was hurt.

I can relay more of her story, but better yet hear Evelyn tell it to you in less than 2 minutes.

The getaway car(s) were driving south and would soon approach a T intersection.  The question I have is which way did they turn; east through Minnesota, or west toward South Dakota on old highway 16, which would have joined what is now East Madison in Sioux Falls?