If any part of this story is substantiated, it is very alarming.  An Orlando, Fla. mother, Melissa Neale, is accused of shocking her child with a stun gun because she failed to make oatmeal properly.

According to Inquisitr:

 The woman, whose identity was not revealed, said she witnessed the 34-year-old mother of two touch a stun gun to the child's left knee and saw the child fall to the floor and scream.

The witness called authorities once she discovered a note on the child's dresser that said the child "didn't want to live anymore." The witness told police that she had seen Neale slap her children and drag them by their hair multiple times during the family's three-week stay at her home.

Neale denied that any abuse had occurred and said the stun gun had been off during the incident. Police confiscated the weapon as evidence. According to the police affidavit, the child had "visible marks on left knee cap and a bruise on the inside of [the] left calf." Both children have been placed in the custody of relatives.

Neale is charged with aggravated child abuse with a weapon.

Is there ever any explaination for a mother to use a stun gun on a child?  If this is true should this mother ever get her kids back?