We have a new member in our household! A few months ago we lost our Cavalier Bogey to a quickly progressive form of cancer. He was only 6 years old. We didn't know if or when we would be emotionally ready to bring another puppy into the family.

   A couple of months after Bogey passed we heard about a litter of Cavaliers in North Sioux City. We decided to go for a visit. We spent some time with the Puppy Mommy and her litter. The smallest pup of the 4 seemed to stand out to us. Here we are 7 weeks later and Percy is now a Sioux Falls resident.

   Yesterday afternoon Percy seemed to really enjoy a visit from my daughter and her boyfriend. His first night was kind of a mixture of playful tail wagging and home sick whimpering as he worked to adjust to his new home. This morning my son is keeping him company.  And so far he has not once peed on our floors...the dog, not my son. All though I'm pretty sure the Boy has also kept from soiling the floor.

Whether it's our older cats hissing of disapproval at the arrival of the new puppy, the new puppy's bemused efforts to understand his new situation, or our own stupefaction at how this will all work out, there is a blessed comfort in the fragile happiness of each moment.  Puppies are FUN!